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We Want You!


Patriot LWM Outdoors and The GunCaseBlanket® are taking off!  We are thrilled with the response that we are getting from the hunting community and are ready to branch out and bring some fellow hunters on board.

If you are a hunter or group that devotes your free time to hunting and anything outdoors…we want to hear from you.  We are looking for both Pro-Staff and Field-Staff members to help us promote our company and it’s products.

If you are going to jump on with a company that is moving up fast, we need to know that you can offer us something as well! Send us your hunting resume with your hunting history and all that you have to offer!  We are going to be very selective due to the amount of entries that we will be receiving so make sure you show us all your benefits!

Once we have chosen our members you will receive an email with all that you will be offered and what will be expected of you going forward!

Cant wait to see what you guys send it!  Let it roll!

Send resumes to

Good Luck!

Press Release, The GunCaseBlanket® !!

Patriot LWM Outdoors takes pride in all our projects and products but we are beyond excited to be releasing our latest product…The GunCaseBlanket® !!!  

Click below to see a copy of the press release that was sent out!


It’s Here….The GunCaseBlanket®!!!!

Patriot LWM Outdoors is proud to announce the release of our newest product….The GunCaseBlanket®.  The GunCaseBlanket® is a revolutionary, patent pending guncase that combines superior protection for your firearm with the innovative ability to instantly transform into an extremely quiet, cold weather defying, insulated camouflaged blanket for your hunting comfort.

Our product combines top quality American made products and manufacturing to maximize your time in the field and protect your firearm while keeping you comfortable. Once your gun is removed from the case you can simply unfold the gun case by unzipping the extra-large zippers all the way and unfolding the case to its fully opened insulated blanket shape. You can then explore the many features of the case, such as the industry leading Polartec® fleece liner and Climashield® insulation that will keep you warm as you wrap the case around your body on a cold day. The GunCaseBlanket® outershell is constructed of rugged 11 ounce flocked nylon material which is not only water-resistant but designed to be quiet even under freezing conditions. Inside the blanket and against your body you will find a specialized fleece hand pocket large enough to put gloved hands and designed to hold handwarmers. You will also find two conveniently located pockets near your chest where you can house a mobile phone, ammunition, a flashlight, etc. Outside, and properly positioned, is an elastic game call holder, so you can call without tell-tale hand movements.

All you have to do is….Simply Unfold To Fight The Cold.

Check out this video and our website to find out all the details…Happy Hunting!

Click on the below to view video!

Trail Camera Reviews


Nothing, and I mean nothing can be more exciting than seeing a huge buck on your trail cam.  On the flip side,nothing can be more depressing (and infuriating) than seeing all the signs of deer and only 2 pics on the cam.  When you put your camera out you want to know that it is going to do what it promising to do….get the shot!  Here is a review of the top ten trail cameras of 2012.

If you are using one that you like …. let us know!  No one can give a better review than a hunter who is putting it to use!

It’s Hot!

I think we can all agree that it has been hot out there this summer!  As I have been out checking cameras, putting out minerals or hanging tree stands I cant help but notice the heat and how miserable it is.  Having said that, I then go jump in the truck and blast the AC ending my misery fairly quickly.  Unfortunately, the deer and other wildlife don’t have that ability…top of the food chain I suppose.  Anyway, here are 2 things I have come across…something to think about as you are in your spots!  Stay cool!