Team Overkill’s Troy Knoll Records 4 Unreal Camera Angles While Sportin the PLWM Outdoors T

Our friends over at Team Overkill are always on the leading edge of cool camera techniques and entertaining videos, but their latest creation takes the cake. Heading out into the suburbs of Maryland with a ground blind, a hot spot and 4 cameras Troy Knoll and his hunting partner Doug captured some of the coolest footage yet, and Troy was rockin his Patriot LWM Outdoors T-shirt the whole time!

Here is a clip from the Team Overkill Blog, Overkill Happenings:

Doug (Leatherhead) and I doubled on the second day of the season…

We shot 2 bucks…from a ground blind…in the hood….in under 4 hours!!!

But here is the best part… 
We have 4 camera angles…
1 main camera
2 inside the blind cam
3 go pro cam mounted to the bow on the shooter
and 4…the best one of all…

I dug a trench to the other side of the yard the week before the hurricane.
I ran a cable to control my remote control at a greater distance. I then mounted a camera inside a tree at the opposite end of the yard where I had been running my trail cameras…

The deer were already feeding heavy under a giant white oak in the yard and with a little help from the highly addictive Lethal Weapon…I was hoping to position the deer between cameras…It worked!!! I actually ended up getting blood sprayed on the remote cam as my buck almost crashed into it after the shot!!!

Doug and I could not stop watching the video last night!!! Over and Over!!! It is unreal…The deer running at the cam sounds like a stampede of horses and he is squirting all the way and kicking up grass and dirt!!!


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